Why Replace When You Can Perma Glaze?

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Revitalize bathroom walls and ceilings

When it comes to changing the tile on your walls or ceiling, an acrylic bath system can completely transform your bathroom. All walls are custom cut on-site and are typically installed in a single day.

 •  Slip resistant bottoms

 •  Lifetime warranties

 •  Accessories available, including soap dishes and caddies

 •  Custom tub liners

 •  Wide range of colors

 •  Made in the USA

 •  Simulated tile available

Enjoy a new acrylic bath system

Have you found that the height of your shower is a cause for concern? If you're looking for an easier way to step in and out of the shower every day, we can assist you.


Take advantage of a Safeway Safety Step, which allows you to convert your tub into a shower, or to simply have easier access to a shower by dropping the height to a more comfortable level.

Step into your shower with ease


Learn about our acrylic bath systems


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