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Acrylic Bath Systems

When you're looking for top quality, budget friendly solutions for your bathroom, Bath Renew is here for you. We have a wide range of options to choose from to fit your remodeling needs. Whether you are seeking to replace your existing tub, damaged or leaking tiles with our wall surround systems, convert your tub into a shower the possibilities are endless. Every product is superior quality, 100% American Made™ and completely customized for your bathroom remodeling needs.

Easy Maintenance: With non-porous, naturally mold & mildew resistant surfaces, our systems offer simple cleaning.

Acrylic Bath Tubs

Our Acrylic Showers are a great solution for those looking to obtain a new shower without the headache of demolishing your existing one.  We can install our shower systems over existing wall tile, shower inserts, sheetrock walls, or simply replace it with a whole new shower. Our acrylic showers come in dozens of both solid and natural stone and marble looks.  

Acrylic Showers


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Our acrylic bathtubs are the perfect solution for your tub replacement needs. No matter the size of your existing tub, we custom fit our tubs to exacting dimensions. Select from 5 different popular styles and colors. As an added benefit, our tubs are designed to hold water temperatures 4 times longer than steel or cast iron tubs.

Acrylic Wall Surround Systems

Leaky tiles, moldy grout lines, water damage? Our wall surround systems are beautiful, customized solutions. Wall surrounds are great for those who wish to keep their existing tub but would like to update the surrounding wall area. Our wall surrounds are available in dozens of solid, simulated stone and marble looks.

Tub to Shower Conversion

Enter your bath with ease. Our tub to shower conversions offer a wide variety of custom and standard sizes to easily convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower. We'll remove your tub and install a custom shower unit into the same space. Color match and combine our shower bases with any of our vast array of wall options.

PermaGlazeBathRenew_AcrylicBathLiner_ChampagneStone PGBR_AcrylicTub410x220 PGBR_AcrylicShowers410x220 PGBR_AcrylicWallSurround410x220

Step-Thru Tub Conversion

Without removal, enhance your existing tub with the accessibility of a shower. Enter your tub with convenience and peace of mind with our Step, Door or Convertible conversion options. Available in white and beige.

Shower Enclosures

Complete your look with custom enclosures that offer that final touch of style and functionality you need. At Bath Renew, we have a variety of enclosures & curtain rods to help you create a gorgeous shower that provides the comfort and privacy you need while also enhancing the visual appeal of your newly-remodeled bathroom.


Accessorize your bath area with additional details such as: grab bars, safety seats, corner caddies, soap dishes and shaving rests. Various size, color and pattern options will blend seamlessly with any of our bath or shower products.



Stylish Fixtures

We offer a stunning line of high-quality shower heads and fixtures for creating the perfect functionality and aesthetic solution your needs. Available in a range of finishes including Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black and Brushed Gold.

PGBR_AcrylicStepThru410x220 PGBR_AcrylicShowerEnclosure410x220 PGBR_AcrylicFixtures410x220 PGBR_AcrylicAccessories410x220

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•  Durability: With scratch, chip, stain, and fade-resistant materials, our bathtubs will endure for years to come.

•  Style: Our gorgeous, highgloss acrylic comes in a variety of colors & patterns to match any bathroom.

•  Fast Installation: Every unit is installed by certified factory technicians in as little as a single day.